indoor outdoor p10 red led module/hot sale products led display

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10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
P10 single
indoor outdoor, indoor&outdoor
Tube Chip Color:
Red ,Blue,Green,White,Yellow
Display Function:
Text,Animation,messages ,graphics
Screen Dimension:
Working Temperature:
IP grade:
Bright level:
High brightness
Control method:
Synchronization & Asynchronization
Life span:
>100,000 hours
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
wooden case & carton box
Delivery Time
7 working days

Lightwell p10 indoor outdoor single color led module



Product Description



Technical parameter
Unit boardPixel pitch10mm
Module size320mm*160mm
Resolution of module32*16dots
Density of pixel10000dots/m2
Pixel configurationLED546 1R  (Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green, RGB, RG)
Main Technical parameterRed wavelength625±2nm
Green wavelength525±2nm
Blue wavelength470±2nm
Best viewing distance6-120m
Horizontal/Vertical Viewing angle160 degree/60 degree
Gray scale16bits per color
Color temperature6500k
BrightnessMore than 5000cd/sqm
IP gradeFront :IP67 back: IP65
Frame frequency60HZ
Refresh frequency≥1000HZ
Control methodSynchronization/Asynchronization
Drive method1/4 Scan





Operating ambient humidity10%—95%RH
Earth leakage current< 2mA
Defects rate.0.00001(Led display line standard<0.0001)



Tolerance of interpixel0.3mm

Tolerance of modules clearance0.6mm

MTBFMore than 10,000 hours
Life spanMore than 100,000hours
PowerOperating voltageAC110V/220V±10%
Maximum/Average power consumption300/150w/m2
Current20mA(single LED)
Power switchAutomatic switch
Control systemCPUPentium4 or above
Signal InputComposite ,S-video,Component,VGA,DVI,HDMI,SDI,HD_SDI,etc
Controlling systemmain controller card+optical fiber transmission
Control methodAsynchronization
Systems operating platformsWinXP,Win2000,Vista, Win7, Win8 etc.
Softer wareLED media player 




(1) the video function


1, the true color video images in real time, realize the live and playback; Equipment should be equipped with relevant video processing for


2, to link the camera, clear, flicker-free real-time display video images, practical show true color video images, realize the live;


3, broadcast radio, TV and satellite TV programs;


4, realize the text image superposition text information, panoramic view, close-up, slow motion, drag and drop image special effect such as editing and broadcasting functions.


5, meet the use requirements of cultural and artistic performance;


6, can play AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT and VOB file format.


7, a variety of text, fonts are available;


8, brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be adjust by the software, the adjusting range of grade           256.


9, with horizontal/vertical position compensation function.



(2), word/graphics/information release function

1, has the rich way, show the information flow, notification, slogans, etc., large capacity of storage data                 information;


2, there are many Chinese font and font selection; Also can enter the English, French, German, Greek,                Russian and Japanese and other foreign language;


3, broadcast system with multimedia software, and broadcast a variety of flexible input information;


4, at the same time through the network connection, display the network data information.



(3)advertising function


Make full use of the commercial value of LED display, make full use of the LED display the characteristics of integrating voice, photoelectric, achieve the goal of business promotion.



(4) safety emergency function

1, the system processing precision; Request for information broadcasting system is 100%, the precision is not     any mistakes.


2, system response time; Big screen, TV broadcasting system requires real-time response.


3, system strain capacity; System is the first principle is safe, timely and accurate























Comapny Information


Shenzhen Lightwell LED Display Technology Co,.LTD is a professional manufacture and exporter who specialized in developing and supplying LED Display. Our factory is located in Shenzhen. We are professional LED factory in China. Our company has many years’ experience at this field. So we have equipped complete and technically advanced equipments and facilities for our product line.

Our products include  Indoor Full Color LED Display, Outdoor Full Color LED Display, Outdoor Single and Double Color LED Display, ental LED display, Stadium Perimeter LED display and so on.

Our customers and their satisfaction are our number one priority. We are sure that we have an excellent quality with best price, we want to do it best for customers. We strive to uphold these values in everything that we do.








Our Services


Service concept 

People –oriented and honesty, total quality management , continuous improvement and constant innovation.


Service aim 

Go all out to be the best.





1. We guarantee to the buyer of the equipment supplied is new, complete and unused.


2. To support the operation and maintenance of contract equipment, technical data provided by our factory ensure complete, clear, and the right.


The pre-sale service


Customer specific engineering design scheme need, please contact us, our designers will be on the construction site and product specific design, a detailed exploration and study repeatedly, free to provide free technical solutions.


Installation and debugging

1. Our company will send professional and technical personnel to the site for installation debugging. In the process of installation and debugging, my company's technical staff will take absolute responsibility for equipment will strictly in accordance with the requirements of the solution and product factory specifications for installation and commissioning of science. Such as the special cases need to changes of part installation antipathy, we with a negotiated solution. Our company will be completed fully ensure the installation and debugging time. As a result of nature or the buyer artificial reason to delay, the two sides will talk things over solve.


2. Debugging qualified standard: the standard stipulated in the instructions will be in my company as the standard.


The use of training


Our company will provide a detailed list according to the contract product manual, system use the specifications and system maintenance. To the user for the following training: system use, system maintenance, equipment maintenance.


The warranty

 1. Warranty purpose: response in time, as soon as possible to solve, make sure you use.


2. Warranty period: the warranty, screen body from all maintenance services; Over, after the warranty period of materials used in charge maintenance service costs, not charge labor. 








 Packaging & Shipping 























Q1:What is a static screen, what is to scan screen, what is the difference between the two?

A:Static screen refers to when the led screen display text, images and video, the lamp is lit at the same time on the led display light;

Scanning screen refers to the light like a scan on the led display, is the advantage of the characteristics of the human eye of persistence of vision, in a short time period will be led display all light respectively.

The difference between the two: because the LED display is driven by duty ratios, which makes the brightness of the LED display has a lot to do with the light of time cycle. So, in the same light tube with the same brightness, static screen is higher than scanning the brightness of the screen, so commonly used static screen need high brightness in the outdoor show, the scanning screen commonly used in the interior of brightness demand is not high, driven to save cost.



Q2:Display image is not complete or position is not right?

A:1,. Firstly check "display position" in the software and the "screen size" of the parameters and display the actual size is consistent, if you don't remember, can go to see behind the screen body, calculate the screen body length and width of the pixel points. "Screen size" is determined, can go to the computer software in and see how much "screen display area", and then adjusted, until the position match.

2, if the display is not comprehensive, checks the screen connection to load the file is in agreement with the screen "screen size".

3,plays in the image is in agreement with the screen size, some image for 16:9 or 4:3 ratio, so released images won't full-screen playback.



Q3:There is no sound LED display screen?

A:1, confirm that the computer sound card, use the earphone test. If there is a voice.

2. Confirm the computer sound output problem is normal to the screen body contact amplifiers, and the power amplifier to the audio cable is normal.

3, once again confirm the computer sound card and other equipment have sound card without conflict.




Q4:Unit module, one or more lines are not bright?

A:1, use multimeter to check out a line with the 4953 IC (manager) if there is a general output pin.

2, use a multimeter to check 74 hc138ic input and output is normal.

3, using a multimeter to check if 4953 IC burning or burned.

4, using a multimeter to check whether there is high level 4953 IC (voltage).

5, use multimeter to check 74 hc138 and 4953 control foot pass.



Q5:Display jitter (scintillation) have stripes?

A:1, check whether the DVI signal line contact is in good condition, and signal lines are in good condition, the presence of poor contact, or the signal wire RJ45 crystal head with and without oxidation phenomenon.

2, check the signal lines for damage phenomenon.

3, check whether signal lines with high voltage cable, identified and separated. (signal wire and cable, power supply of electromagnetic interference) of weak current signal has great.




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